Fromage`a Trois - Fresh Handcrafted Mozzarella, Burrata and Pasta
                      (Dates to be announced)
The Pasta Club
The Pasta Club offers three selections from which to choose for you or your PASTA LOVER....give the 'gift of Pasta' !
 The Purist                                                      
~ Fresh Rolled Pasta
~ Complimentary Sauce
~ A "take & bake" Baguette
The Foodie                                                     
~ Fresh Ravioli (2 wks)
~ Fresh Rolled Pasta (2 wks)
~ Complimentary Sauce (4 wks)
~ A "take & bake" Baguette (4 wks)
The Entertainer                                           
~ Fresh Ravioli (2 wks)
~ Fresh Rolled Pasta for four (1 wk)
~ Stuffed Lumaconi Shells (1 wk)
~ Complimentary Sauce & Bread (4 wks)
~ Burrata Cheese (2 wks)
How the Club Works
The Selections are a monthly offering. When you or someone that you gift becomes a member, you will receive a postcard that details what that month's selection includes. Each Saturday of the month the club member can present the card at our shoppe between the hours of 11:00 & 5:00 to receive that week's delights!
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