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Pasta Making Classes



 What is our Pasta Class all about?

The class begins with Chef Kat's hands-on demonstration of how to make pasta dough. The students then follow the recipe and the step-by-step demonstration to make their own dough with lots of interaction with Chef kat. While the dough is resting, students are shown how to make hand shaped pastas such as Strozzapretti, Farfalle, as well as, Chitarra, Corzetti, Garganelli, Pappardelle, and Fettuccini using the various pasta tools and sheeted pasta provided. After everyone has had fun making all different pastas it is packaged to take home and the class sits down to enjoy a wonderful dinner prepared by Chef Kat. Dinner consists of pasta, sauce, bread, and vino!

Students are provided with aprons, the pasta recipe, and all ingredients needed such as; imported non-GMO Italian flour, organic free-range eggs, and olive oil. Old World Artisan pasta cutting/shaping tools such as; Garganelli board, Chitarra board, and hand carved Corzetti stamp are demonstrated and available for students to use.

Class Sizes & Cost

Class Size: 6 Adults, classes can be customized for large groups
Class Time: 2.5 - 3 hours
Cost: $65 per person

How to book a Pasta Class

  • Group of 6: Call the shoppe to arrange a date and time.

  • Open Class: Call the shoppe to add you name(s) to our list. Chef Kat will call you to let you know what class dates and times are available.

  • Customized Large Group: Call the shoppe to discuss group size, participation level, price, and to arrange date and time.

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